On April 13th, 2007 the following original works of art, created by Brett-Livingstone Strong, were stolen. If you have been approached by what appears to be a legitimate seller or have come across any of these pieces in any way please contact us immediately so they may be returned to their rightful owner, and the criminals brought to justice. Thank you very much for your cooperation and help in this tragic matter.

County of L.A. Sheriff's Department Report Number: 407-02811-1014-089

Stolen Pieces:

1. Empires of Colour (rolled up canvas 4x6)
2. Essential Rarity (stretched canvas black frame 66x4)
3. Secret Victorian Light (stretched canvas black frame 7x5)
4. Prehistoric Insect Floral
5. John Lennon (framed original 11x14)
6. Sydney Harbour, 1826
7. Late Cretaceous Bee
8. Orchids
9. Iris
10. Victoria Falls
11. Mystic Stream
12. Great Barrier Reef
13. Caribbean Cathedral
14. Stonehenge
15. Mountain and Moon
16. Mountain and Moon Study
17. Sunflower
18. The Stream
19. Begonias
20. Prehistoric Rose
21. Jurassic Flower
22. Cretaceous Dragonfly
23. Triassic Grasshopper
24. Jurassic Spider
25. Sunrise
26. Sunset

For images and details of the stolen art view the following:
(45 Items, 1.7mb)


Stolen Pieces:
Stolen by Barbara Russell

1. Friends (Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie Presley - oil on board)
2. One Small Step (NASA monument - bronze sculpture)
3. The World Friendship Monument (bronze sculpture)

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