The commission to construct a series of six massive stone and metal gateways was inspired by many important and brilliant historic structures. Ranging from ancient Greek and Roman monumental buildings to France's Arc de Triumph and Eiffel Tower, these structures both inspire and enlighten our lives and culture. Monumental and international gifts such as the 'Statue of Liberty' and other magnificent creations have continually inspired their viewers and positively impacted the world. The Gates of Goodwill will share in the same scale of impact as these historic and wondrous creations of the past.
BLS Designed Example Gate Model Gate Design
This project is a monumental endeavor for the creation of six International Gates of Goodwill to be built from various unique stone, metal and glass. Over a twenty year period these massive open archways will be constructed in the six populated continents of the world; in locations bridging major freeways or highways. Each Gateway's open form will dramatically welcome all people to each region and continent. The design of each architectural giant will be influenced from several of the world's historic monuments and commemorative architecture. The original BLS renderings and models shown in this presentation illustrate only the general ideas and scope of these massive gateways.
BLS Designed Example Gate Model Model View 2
The first of the six massive sculptural structures will commence in the United States, to stand along side and over a suitable Californian freeway as depicted in the attached renderings. Such a structure over a Los Angeles freeway would be the most significant monument of LA, therefore quickly becoming an international tourist attraction. This will serve as a launching point for the project by exciting the world with the first of these six extraordinary attractions promoting international friendship.
The Parthenon Inspirational Architecture
Thirty-six architects, six from each of the populated continents of the world, will be chosen to collaborate and together design the Gates of Goodwill. The first phase of the commission will commence with a substantial US foundation underwriting the project's development company for the selection of the first monumental Gates of Goodwill site and the associated architects, artists and builders. The architects will incorporate the collaborative works of up to 200 artists from each of the continents. Produced by this united international creative force, consisting of ultimately 1,200 artists, the Gates will produce everything from international relationships to jobs and economic growth. From the professional fields of music, literature, architecture, sculpture, painting, and engineering, the people connected with this project will be the seeds that generate a new time of international relationships; flourishing in creativity to unite a greater period of goodwill.
The Eiffel Tower The Arc de Triumph
The artists and their assistants will be commissioned to work together in inspiring the public and helping to generate goodwill worldwide. This movement of creative greatness will promote an era of cultural achievement and peace. As a result the Gates of Goodwill will stand to represent world friendship far into the future.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Tower BLS Designed Example Gate
The interior of each structure will house historic exhibits pertaining to the region and its people. These exhibits will particularly focus on the importance of international relationships; both business and creative. A wide variety of other attractions, including restaurants, theatres, shops, and hotels, will be incorporated for the economic benefit of the region and a major source of local employment lasting long into the future.
The Statue of Liberty
Just as France gave the great gift of the 'Statue of Liberty' to the United States in 1875 as a token of their friendship and our loyal partnership, the Gates of Goodwill will continue to unite the people, nations, and continents of the world. As this is an age for the fight against terrorism and war, the construction of these monumental gates will represent a distinctive stand towards promoting world harmony. The Gates of Goodwill welcome all people of the world, no matter their religion or nationality, to live and create together in peace.

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